Digital Multimeter

SIGLENT’s SDM3055 series is a dual display digital desktop multimeter. The SDM3055 provides a rich and powerful feature set at an excellent price. This DMM family is well suited for production testing, R&D and certification work, as well as any place where an accurate and powerful full-function DMM is needed.

Digital Multimeter - SDM3065X 6.5 Digit DMM

The SDM3065X is a 6½ digit digital multimeter incorporating a dual-display and represents Siglent’s top of the line Digital Multimeter. Basic DC accuracy is 35 PPM.

Digital Multimeter - SDM3045X 4.5 Digit DMM

SDM3045X is a 4½ digit digital (60000 count) multimeter incorporating a dual-display and is especially well suited for the needs of high-precision, multifunction and automatic measurement.

Digital Multimeter - SDM3055 5.5 Digit DMM

The new Siglent SDM3055 is a new 5 ½ digit dual-display digital multimeter and features many powerful math and statistical functions. It includes a variety of communication interfaces with easy setup, comes equipped with a 4.3-inch TFT-LCD screen, and is designed for users who needs include high performance, multiple functions, and automatic measurements.