SDG5082 ARB Function Generator

$718.00 $430.00

Max output frequency: 80 MHz
Max sampling rate: 500 MSa/s
Vertical resolution: 14 bit
Waveform Memory: CH1: 16 Kpts, CH2: 512 Kpts
Channels: 2,  Floating outputs

DEMO UNIT  Limited quantities

Warranty: 1 year


Product Description

Siglent Technologies invented the pulse generator algorithm EasyPulse, which is found in the SDG5000 waveform generators. Based on this new technology, the SDG5000 is capable of generating a pulse signal with low jitter, fast rising and falling edge (frequency independent effect), small duty cycle, edge and pulse width can be a wide range of adjustment.

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Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 13 x 8 in

Key Features

  • Up to 160MHz Output Frequency
  • 500MSa/S Sampling Rate
  • 14-bit Vertical Resolution
  • Memory depths of 512kpts for CH2 and 16kpts for CH1
  • Dual Floating Output Channel
  • EasyPulse Technology

Standard Accessories

  • USB cable
  • QuickStart Guide
  • product qualification certificate
  • Warranty Card
  • power cord designed for the instrument and authorized by local country
  • CD(contains EasyScope PC software